The Honeycutt Family


"We loved our homeschooling experience! Over the years, our quest for learning and heart for adventure had quite literally taken our family from the cathedrals and castles of Europe, through the rainforests and deserts of Central America, to the plains of Africa, and back to our country home in the heart of the mountains of western North Carolina. Our small mountain town had provided us so much in the way of a nurturing environment in which to raise our children. Close family ties, long held traditions, and a wonderful church family made the boys’ early school years a special time we all cherish. However, as the boys began to approach their high school years we knew they needed new types of adventure as well as new learning opportunities. We also wanted the boys to have these experiences in the same nurturing, Christ centered environment they had enjoyed during their early school years. This is where Tri-Cities Christian School entered our lives.


Our small town had been a wonderful fit in many ways but it offered few choices in the way of Christian education. TCCS was introduced to us through extended family members and, after making our own inquires, we decided our boys’ next great adventure would take place in East Tennessee.


This was not a simple transition, however. We decided to keep our North Carolina home and commute for the 35 mile drive to the Johnson City campus. This was very tiring but we were committed. Since then, we have purchased a small condominium in Johnson City where we reside throughout the week. We travel back to North Carolina on the weekends to reconnect with family, friends, and our home church.


While at Tri-Cities we have been most impressed with the remarkable staff and faculty. They have indeed met and exceeded our expectations for a caring Christ centered environment, as well as, a challenging academic curriculum. In addition, there are extra-curricular offerings as varied as our boys’ interests and talents. For example: Garland competed in debate, speech, and accounting contests at the regional, state, and national levels. Hamilton on the other hand excels in different areas. He has placed in classical piano performance, science fair contest, and plays basketball for the fighting Eagles, who recently won the TAACS State Championship! Carter, a middle-school student, is involved in band and drama. Talk about varied interests!


Our time spent with the boys has been without question the most wonderful experience we have been afforded. As we continually seek to help them grow into the men God desires them to be, we are very grateful for Tri-Cities Christian School and the wonderful people who are also helping them prepare for their next great adventure."





Tri-Cities Christian Schools

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