Junior Eaglet - Pre-K

Elementary School - K thru 5th Grade

Middle School - 6th thru 8th Grade

High School - 9th thru 12th Grade


Tuition for this program includes:


  • Book Fees
  • Lunch
  • Two Snacks
  • Before School Care


The Junior Eaglet program is part of our Blountville campus designed for 4 year olds who are not eligible for kindergarten but would benefit from an enhanced educational experience. The instructor for the Junior Eaglets is required to hold a degree in Early Childhood Development. Our enhanced program includes the A Beka curriculum. Additionally, your child will participate in extracurricular activities, which include library, music, art, Spanish, and computer.



Tri-Cities Christian School has a pre-school/kindergarten campus in Gray, TN that serves toddlers through 5 year-olds with practical training in manners, health and safety habits as well as academic preparation in Bible, reading, art, music, and number concepts. Class placement in pre-school is determined by the student’s age as of August 15. A summer program is also available.


Hours are 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

For more information on preschool, call (423)477-3041.




Tri-Cities Christian School places an emphasis on the mastery of fundamental skills such as reading, math, and writing. History and science complete a well-rounded program.


A strong phonics program in early elementary produces exceptional results in reading, and traditional cursive handwriting is taught in second grade.


The school day begins with the pledge to the American and Christian flags and prayer. This is followed by a practical Bible lesson and classroom instruction. TCCS offers its students some of the finest textbooks available in any educational setting. The textbooks emphasize Christian heritage and traditional values.


Students have weekly opportunities to attend classes that specialize in music, art, computer, and Spanish. Weekly trips to the library encourage a love of reading.


Regular exercise in recess and physical education classes give the students the skills they need to live healthy lives.


Middle school at Tri-Cities Christian School is comprised of sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Since this is a time of transition, we nurture the process of entering adolescence by strengthening skills and study habits before entering high school.


Students follow a traditional seven period class schedule, changing classes for each subject. Extracurricular activities include choir, drama, art, clubs and fine arts competitions as well as the opportunity to participate in community service projects.


As middle school students continue to grow in an understanding of God’s Word and Truth, we provide guidance through our chapel programs and age appropriate Bible instruction.


96% of Tri-Cities Christian School's graduates go to college.


High school for grades 9-12 focuses on academic excellence. Each student is motivated and challenged by teachers who genuinely care about the progress and well-being of their students.


Tri-Cities Christian School's graduates score above 90% on standardized tests, and for the past five years, TCCS' overall ACT composite test scores were higher than both the state and national average.


Our goal is to graduate students who will make an impact on the world both professionally and spiritually. To earn a TCCS diploma, students must complete the following requirements:



  • 4 years English
  • 4 years Math
  • 4 years Bible
  • 3 years Science
  • 3 years History, Government, Economics
  • 2 years A single Foreign Language
  • 1 year Fine Arts
  • 1 year Physical Education + 1 semester of Health
  • 1 semester Personal Finance
  • 1 semester Speech


Elective courses are offered in Anatomy and Accounting


Dual Enrollment Courses are offered on campus and enable a student to obtain college credits while completing high school requirements.


In meeting these requirements, students exceed the Tennessee Board of Regents University Admission requirements. Honors and Dual Enrollment classes are available in Advanced Math, Trigonometry, Anatomy/Physiology, Calculus, Chemistry, English,

Spanish 3, Physics, and U.S. History for advanced students.




Tri-Cities Christian School

1500 Highway 75, Blountville, TN 37617