Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Apply?

Q. How much are tuition and fees?

Q. How do I pay?

Q. Do you offer financial aid?

Q. Do you provide transportation?

Q. Want to visit TCCS?

Q. Do you provide after school care?

Q. Do you require uniforms?




How Do I Apply?


An appointment with the principal is required of all student(s) and parent(s) who seek enrollment at TCCS. This interview will provide the opportunity for the parent(s) and student(s) to become acquainted with TCCS, to clarify the academic placement of the student(s) and to determine the family’s desire for a Christian education. Acceptance to TCCS is based on the interview, entrance assessment, test scores, and previous school records.


Once the above criteria have been met, the parents complete the registration form; tender the required fees and either personally return the forms to the principal or mail the forms and the required fees to the admissions office. Parents will be notified of the student’s acceptance after the interview and all enrollment forms have been received. Enrollment information may be requested from the Tri-Cities Christian Schools’ office.


If you have any questions or need more information, please call 423-323-7128



How much are tuition and fees?


You can find the most up- to-date information on our Admissions Page or call 423-323-7128



How do I pay?


TCCS uses FACTS Management to collect tuition for all grades including Junior Eaglet, as well as K5-12. In May, FACTS will mail an invoice to parents detailing total tuition for the school year and any discounts received. With the invoice, there will be instructions to enable parents to establish an online account including selection of either EFT or Credit Card as their method of payment and selection of payment dates (either the fifth or the twentieth of the month). Parents that pay their tuition in full by July 1 will receive a 5% discount.



Do you offer financial aid?


Financial Aid is offered in the form of annual scholarships, which are determined through an analysis of family financial need.


The competitive process for financial aid is based on an assessment of family need and then recognizes academic record, personal promise, potential to enrich the extra-curricular life of the school, and the likelihood to benefit from the experience of a Tri-Cities Christian Schools education.


Pastors employed in full time ministry may qualify for special discounts.



Do you provide transportation?


Bus service is provided to students from designated areas in the community on a limited basis for a monthly fee of $50/family. Door to Door bus service is not available.



Want to visit TCCS?


Tri-Cities Christian offers a shadowing program. Any student is welcome to spend a day with a TCCS student. Go to class, eat lunch, and see what we are all about!


Tours of our campus are available. Please call the office to set up an appointment to visit us. Phone: 423-323-7129


TCCS is a closed campus. All visitors are required to check in with the receptionist in the front office. The receptionist will give you your pass which allows you access to your location.



Do you provide after school care?


Extended School Care (ESC) is provided at the Blountville Campus from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. The monthly fee of $60 per student must be paid by the first of each month. The ESC fee for the Junior Eaglet is included in their tuition. ESC will not be provided at the Blountville Campus when school is closed due to inclement weather, early dismissals, holidays, or other designated days.



Do you require uniforms?


Tri-Cities Christian has adopted a uniform policy as a means of building character and distinction in the lives of the students. Our goals in having this policy are to promote student's self-respect, lessen peer pressure, encourage unity among students, and to provide the opportunity for our students to make a positive statement in our community. The only logo accepted on any blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests, and turtlenecks is the TCCS logo available from Lands End.


Each Friday, in place of the regular uniform shirt, students are allowed to wear “Spirit Wear” t-shirts. These shirts are available for purchase at the school consignment sale, school sporting events and via an order form.


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